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Welcome to IDC-UK ! This web site is designed for anyone looking for intensive driving courses in mostly any postcode location within the UK. Our driving courses range from a 12.5 hour re-test up to a 50 hour course and can be completed in anything from 2 days to 10 days or 1 week to 2 weeks.

Intensive driving courses sometimes called one week fast pass driving courses are the quickest way to learn to drive and to pass the DSA official driving test. Do you want to pass your full UK car driving licence in just one or two weeks with Intensive Driving Courses UK.

The driving courses we provide are very popular with learners from all ages ranging from 16 to the over 60's. Intense courses make it possible for generally anyone to learn to drive within a week or two which when compared with taking a 1 hour lesson every week with a driving instructor would normally take up to 12 months.

We are very successful when it comes to providing Intensive Driving Courses due to having many years experience in specialising in these types of crash courses, which when worked out and compared are the most cost effective way to learn to drive, so you too can learn to drive in as little as a week or two depending on your previous expereince.

Courses with offer range from a 50 hour one 2 one 10 day intensive course for new drivers, to a 1 day 5 hour re-test course suitable for the failed driving test candidate. Intensive Driving Courses are conducted on a one 2 one basis which mean instructors will only have one student to the car. We also offer a Guaranteed Pass Driving Course which includes unlimited driving lessons & driving tests until you pass the DSA offical driving test and is suitable for the very nervous new drivers who has never driven before or for someone who just goes to pieces on test day

Residential intensive driving courses

Nowadays many pupils decide to take their course on a Residential driving course basis Residential courses are arranged for our Manchester centre ONLY. Residential students are collected daily from their accommodation by their driving instructor.


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Is your employer keen to have you driving for work ?


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